as she finds herself in charge of a summer camp for tourists and other strangers. Antics by friends and relatives make for more entertaining stories and a satisfying outcome, despite a bumpy road getting there. Come along to Camp Crackers for a wild ride!


Reluctant siblings Sunny and Gil are persuaded to spend their summer holiday renovating their uncle’s shabby country cottage only to discover an invasion of mad campers in his back garden. 

Sunny McIntosh is a redheaded, offbeat 23-year-old who dabbles in laziness. She has spent her life overshadowed by Gil – her perfect nerd of a brother. But this is her story – how she is thrown into hosting “the worst campsite in Scotland”, battles to restrain a fanatical sci-fi brigade and is desperate to finish the DIY so she can return home to Edinburgh and her precious Mathew. 

Four townies, two weeks, one field. 

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Helga Trumpet is a scatty health worker who considers herself a celebrated author. After all, her debut novel Candy Martini Reaches Out did hit 114 on the bestseller list. Having enjoyed a splash of stardom through social media, interviews and personal appearances, Helga is now grappling with her follow-up novel – Candy Martini Goes Viral. Her patients must come second.

Strange incidents at work suggest an intruder is on the prowl and all staff are on high alert. Helga fails her team as their crumbling health centre heads for closure.

Can Helga learn from her mistakes in time to finish her novel and save the health centre?

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Kat, a young librarian, surrounds herself with books. When Kat’s neighbour, Dusty, clears out her attic she comes across a valuable ring, seemingly plucked from Loch Assynt more than fifty years ago. The ring is engraved with the romantic plea ‘Marry me Jess? Love Hamish’. Kat is pressed into returning to the remote village with Dusty, in an attempt to return the ring to its rightful owners.

On their way to the Scottish Highlands, Kat and Dusty pick up hitchhiker Logan – a forensic psychology student who is determined to make his mark as chief investigator.

This unlikely trio of teenager, grandmother and student, has three days to uncover the mystery of the engagement ring.

One weekend. One ring. One chance to find its story.

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Peggy is an engaging central character but I also thought that her colleagues in the Waverley Lost Property Office added a lot, as did the characters and situations that unfolded around the Lottery win. Some of the exchanges in the dialogue are very witty – Maureen Lipman type light-hearted observational comedy. With a bit of shuffling, this would make a great radio play or TV story.


Peggy’s world is very small. So small she can patrol her own border. Then two things happen to her simultaneously. She wins two point six million pounds in the national lottery the same week she is fired from the job she loves.

Sigrid Berger is sent to spend – sorry – manage Peggy’s winnings. Sigrid is gorgeous and she knows it, self-absorbed, high on champagne and low on patience.

Then there’s Mr Lithgow – extremely reliable at acquiring artefacts. At least he used to be. Until a box containing something of immense value, gripped in his hands for five hours, vanishes. Now he’s a bounty hunter under pressure on a wild box-chase around Edinburgh. 

And the links in this chain? Kenny and Chantelle. Two ‘employees’ at the station where Peggy worked are jostled into the plot. Individually both of questionable intellect and moral compass. Together they form a team were they stranded on a desert island, they would set fire to the life raft in order to gain attention.

Knitting Haggis is a story about winning (everything that means something) and losing (something that means everything).

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A story based in Edinburgh that will delight locals and non locals- with a humorous tale of the soup making business- but with much more in side plots – recommend to all who enjoy a good yarn!


Start with Verity’s bubbling award-winning venture Soup Bling.

Add Callie’s beginning to simmer Mad For Soup.

Attempt to stir in one very reluctant, wizarding soup vendor.

Brown-off a foul-mouthed, bad-tempered psychopathic neighbour.

Throw in one ninja Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator in matching tweed.

And there you have the perfect recipe for a mixed broth of rivalry, undercover surveillance, magic, romance and team building. 

Warning: may contain nuts.

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…while reading a book. Was going through quite a difficult time and it really cheered me up. It’s based in Edinburgh so the locations were also familiar. Think this is the author’s first book and will definitely be reading another one.


My name is Sunny. I’ve grown up in the shadow of my exceptional brother and am often greeted with, ‘Gil’s sister? Well, why didn’t you say so?’ He is blessed with straight dark hair and brains. I inherited wild auburn locks and freckles that merge together when the clocks spring forward.

I failed to thrive in a number of jobs where my talents weren’t appreciated so set up my own business – Do Me A Favour. Hey – how hard can it be to host a cat’s birthday party or barbeque in a snowstorm?

While my enterprise is taking off, my perfect brother Gil seems to be unravelling faster than a spaghetti jumper. Throw in the fact that Mathew – my obsession since high school – is now back on the market after several careless owners, and you find me at a place in my life where being Gil’s sister is about as easy as ironing a wedding dress with a boiled egg. 

I find myself chasing aliens, love and a runaway nun to get our lives back on track.

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