Soup in the Meadows

Last week I received an email from Amelia ‘outskirts of Aberdeenshire’ asking about the Meadows in Edinburgh. She had a vision of poppy fields and frolicking rabbits and couldn’t understand why Callie would set up a soup kiosk in the middle of a pasture. I soon put her right. ‘Imagine the circulatory system of the heart,’ I explained. ‘Eric stands at the beating heart of the Meadows serving his cream of roasted cauliflower. The tree-lined paths and open grassy links bring all the people from across the city to him.’ ‘Ah-ha’, she emailed back.


Eric has quickly discovered that soup is the new coffee. All sorts travel on foot, by cycle, scooter and skates to pick up their favourite soup. Naturally his spell-casting and healing messages have charmed them all. Even Chips gets thrown the last bite. There’s never a dull moment for Eric, which is a pity really, as he struggles to get past chapter two of The Hobbit. And the minute he contemplates treating himself to a nap, that Devan bint pitches up.


Well I hope Amelia appreciates the views I’ve included. Now we’re off to capture Leith Shore.


Soup Is The New Coffee by Lisa Stewart




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