Take The Sunny Tour

Sunny has lived with Being Gil’s Sister for twenty-three years. Floundering in the shadow of her perfect brother she has modest ambitions: laughing, living, loafing and lusting. Her story takes us around some popular, less-well known and fictitious sites. How many of these have you visited?


Calton Hill – one of Edinburgh’s trendy hills, set bang in the city centre and capped by an Athenian acropolis featured in every tourist brochure. Its dramatic location draws Gil every night in his search for extraterrestrial life.


The Canny Man’s – a pub in Morningside crammed with quirky memorabilia. Sunny conspires with Gil, giving her the opportunity to grasp Mathew’s undivided attention…


The Three Sisters – a lively bar in the Cowgate where Sunny and her best friend Berta go for a Saturday night out in the hope Berta will bag a rugby player.


The Bailie Bar – another pub; this one’s in Stockbridge where Sunny meets Mathew for her first official date and calms her nerves with a vodka Coke.


Mama Mia’s – the Abba-themed restaurant where Sunny and Mathew go to share their first Swedish pizza. It’s about as real as Gil’s alien friend but, if it ever opens, I’ll be first in the queue!




I’m Lisa and I’m blogging about Edinburgh, having fun with writing and amusing ideas.