Trip to Fife

Peggy Drumm’s bucket list continues to be a common topic of conversation for the members of our Cedars Readers Book Club. Mr Hexham’s donkey sanctuary struck a chord with our group as Sara is forever touting scratch cards and raffle tickets for the Star Gazing Farm where she volunteers. She’s often seen bartering at Linlithgow’s Farmers’ market attempting to exchange alpaca composted manure in exchange for toiletries. Sometimes the stallholders just give her the toiletries for free.


So Chips and I went in search of Mr Hexham’s sanctuary. We caught the Fife coastal train and grabbed some fab photos of the new Queensferry Crossing. Of course, that hadn’t been completed when Knitting Haggis was written but I didn’t think Sara would mind. She was pretty impressed, despite her husband grumbling that it was no greater a feat of engineering than the River Avon aqueduct.


I fed the rescued donkeys handfuls of homegrown carrots while Chips sniffed around the chicken coops. Unlike Peggy, we were not offered the option of cow milking. We then scarpered before obligated to purchase a range of donkey-emblazoned products. Never quite sure of the need for mule salad tongs…


Knitting Haggis by Lisa Stewart




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