My 5 Tips for Writing

I like to develop characters that I enjoy spending time with. They’re not based on actual people but, if they feel like friends to me, then I hope they will feel real to other people.


I do my thinking while I walk – and I walk miles! It means that when I sit down to write I have an idea of what I want to cover in the next chapter or even the next few lines. I try not to face a blank page.


I always re-read what I’ve written the day before – and try to be critical. Is that really what I was trying to say? Can I say it in a more creative way? What would make it funnier? The odd banana skin usually does the trick.


I need to know how the book will end. I’ll plan the ending before the beginning so I know what will happen to the characters and where the storyline is heading.


Talk to people. My son asked me what I was writing about so I told him the idea for ‘Soup Is The New Coffee’. He said to me “Oh the girls at work are mad for soup.” And I thought – what a great name for a soup company!





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