My Seasonal Favourites in Edinburgh

Spring: Crossing Jawbone Walk on a spring morning when the cherry blossom blows like pink snow across the Meadows. If I’m ever driving through the Meadows there are about 5 or 6 sets of traffic lights to pass through – I always hope they turn to red so I get a chance to observe the walkers, runners, bikers, sleepers and players.


Summer: Climbing to the top of Corstorphine Hill to watch the sun setting on Edinburgh and the Pentlands. I have a regular route for doing my thinking; I’m sure the neighbours have me marked as the only daily dog-walker without a dog.



Autumn: Walking through Holyrood Park as the leaves turn golden and the smell of wood-smoke in the Prestonfield House Hotel. There’s nothing like the crackle of a log fire combined with the pop of a champagne cork.


Winter: Christmas inside the Dome where visitors arrive by the busload to admire the dazzle of decorations. And any excuse for another glass of champagne!





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