Colinton Dell

Of course Chips was highly delighted when I told him we were going for a donder down Colinton Dell. The shrubby, tree-lined path, which weaves alongside the Water of Leith is like heaven to the intrepid dachshund. But the real skill comes -not in negotiating the muddy slopes or over-hanging branches – but in avoiding the selection of four-legged furry friends, the two legged joggers, the bikers, hikers and three-wheeled hikers. At one point I dodged a lad on a scooter, only to almost get mown down by a young mum steering a running pushchair.


We opted for a quieter path and experienced a brief encounter with a geography student from Stockholm. She was marching along, her only companions being walking poles and binoculars. She wanted to meet Callie and her sidekick Devan, and was in search of the converted mill that Mad For Soup had adopted as its premises. ‘Ah – ha!’ I smiled. ‘It’s a bit of a mystery actually. Some say it’s based on the cottage just around this bend, but I wouldn’t like to give the game away.’ Chips barked in agreement.


‘But what will I tell my friends?’ she asked in desperation.


‘Tell them Soup Is The New Coffee!’ I replied, taking the low road.


Soup Is The New Coffee by Lisa Stewart




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