Knitting Pigs

My next-door-but-one neighbour, Mrs Craddock, handed in half a dozen eggs, which she’d picked up at Gorgie Farm. It got me thinking, that I hadn’t visited the city farm in years – and it would be a good nod to Sigrid’s pivotal meeting with Peggy in Knitting Haggis. Peggy struck lucky with the lottery and, prompted by Sigrid, put together a modest bucket list. Although, best not to mention to Paul Hollywood that being on the receiving end of his famous handshake might be considered a modest ambition. I’m sure they’re as rare as the hens’ teeth of the Gorgie chickens.

So I secured Chips to a nearby lamppost (with the promise of a sausage end) and got up close and personal with the cows, pigs and ducks. I knew I was following in Peggy’s footsteps. While she was knitting an entire farm – including the unnecessary addition of a manure store – she was often spotted sizing up the goats.

After unleashing Chips we took a wander past Peggy Drumm’s flat and could have sworn we saw the curtain twitch as we passed. Still, it might have just been Brian licking his bowls.

Knitting Haggis by Lisa Stewart




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